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    Joyce Lacey
Motivational/Inspirational Speaker

Club 100! / Club 100 Plus!

       Comedy Show
       Prayer Breakfasts
       Mother's Day
       Youth Groups
He Is Risen    NEW!
       Easter Bonnet
       Will You Love Me?
       Easter Parade
Home for the Holidays
       Home for the Holidays
       The Christmas Song
       Have Yourself a Merry, Little Christmas
Scripture quotes available: on request
Small Christmas Gifts for all


Salute to Bob Dylan!
All his big hits! Including:
       Blowin” In The Wind
       Mr. Tambourine Man
       Tangled Up In Blue

Other “Tribute” shows:
       Elvis Presley
       Johnny Cash
       The Beatles
       Neil Diamond

Tony Garry
Club 100 Plus!

Vocals | Guitar | Harmonica

A Showcase of Popular Music
Singing Songs People Love

Favorites | Classics | Sing Alongs
Nostalgia | Patriotic | Contemporary

Birthdays to Theme Parties,
Picnics to Dinner Shows


Smooth, Mellow and Fun!

Joe Sir

Elvis Impersonator:

Club 100 Plus!


The Elvis show's vision is entertainment with a purpose: to present the music and capture the persona of one of the most well known performers of all time.

Two Performances available:
      Tribute to Elvis Presley
      Tribute to Elvis Presley - The Gospel Show

... the Legend lives on!

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