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Rob Chalmers
Presents: People Magic
Club 100 Plus! :

The Magic of Attitudes and Perceptions

Rob uses magic, humor and audience participation to help us examine our perceptions of people.

Club 100 Plus!

The Magic of Illusion - Performance

Now you see it.
   Now you ...
      Or do you?


    Joe Brabeck
Presentation Designer

Club 100! / Club 100 Plus!

       Volunteer? Who, Me?
       Do I Really Need to Know First Aid and C.P.R.?
       The Sunday School Teacher


       Girl Scout Guy: I Was A Girl Scout Leader!
       The Sunday School Teacher!
       Road Trip: The Family Vacation!
       My Home Repair/Remodeling Efforts!

Marian S Adcock
Club 100! / Club 100 Plus!


Marianís specialty is botanical art, an art form that combines artistry with science to produce highly detailed plant portraits. She uses PowerPoint to share her colored pencil drawings with the audience. Her art is amazing. Some drawings have to be colored over as many as sixty (60!) times to : recreate the exact colors of nature.

Marian will have originals on display, with reprints and note cards available for purchase.

Mary Hall
Club 100! / Club 100 Plus!

New Shows Quarterly

      1st Quarter: Fabulous Show Tunes
      2nd Quarter: Motown Hits
      3rd Quarter: All About the Crooners
      4th Quarter: Those Were the Days


      1st Quarter: Remembering Patsy
      2nd Quarter: Nifty 50's
      3rd Quarter: English Music Invasion
      4th Quarter: Nostalgic Novelty

Music for your Luau Event!
Favorite Hymns...includes - "Sing Along!"

The Mary Hall Show

Club 100 Plus!

Sing and dance and move around in this interactive program for Kids and Family!

Motivational/Inspirational Speaker
      For Church Groups, Singles Groups, Womenís Groups and Senior Groups.


Holiday and Seasonal themes are also available.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentineís Day, St. Patrickís Day, Motherís Day, Fatherís Day, and Grandparentís Day.

Patriotic Days - Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Vetís Day.

Theme shows: Let Mary know what Theme you need.

Bill Cosgrove as "Mark Twain"

Club 100 Plus!

An Evening With Mark Twain -
"The Trouble Begins at Eight"

This show presents the humorist, writer, and stage personality as a white-haired 70-year-old man in a white suit and red ascot recalling his life as a boy on the Mississippi River and as a riverboat pilot, a Confederate soldier in the Civil War (for two weeks), a gold and silver prospector in Nevada, and a reporter in Virginia City and San Francisco.

Performances are available in a variety of time slots.

Bill Cosgrove
as "Mark Twain"
Professor Origami

Club 100 Plus!

He will show how to make Flapping Birds, Dragons, Swans or others.

For small groups of 15 to 25.

Everyone takes home at least one piece origami they have made.

Professor Origami does Awesome and Aw(e)ful Things with paper!

: "Professor Origami"


Jeanne E. Rogers :
Founder of Club 100/Club 100 Plus
Motivational/Inspirational Speaker
Club 100! / Club 100 Plus!

Presence Series
       You Are A Gift!
       Success Guaranteed!
       Master Plan

Other Topics:
       Turn Your Talent Into Business!
       Leadership Through Oral Communication or Better Be Able To Talk Your Way Through It!
       Bloom Where You're Planted!
       Bring On The Presents! (For Care-Givers)
       Go To Heaven? Why?
       Retirement: It's Not Like Living In The Fast Lane - It's Like Jumping Off The Edge of the Cliff!
       A Retirement Career? Why? What's Your Story?

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